Avani Rio Novo Venice Hotel Hosts Immersive Exhibition by Renowned Street Artist Endless

The Avani Rio Novo Venice Hotel proudly presents “ENDLESS VENEZIA,” an immersive exhibition showcasing the vibrant works of globally renowned street artist Endless. This exhibition, organized by the prestigious Cris Contini Contemporary from London, offers a captivating journey through Endless’s revolutionary artistic expressions, running until November 3, 2024.

Endless, a pioneering figure who has brought street art to the forefront of the international art scene, has been featured at the Venice Art Biennale, coinciding with the city’s celebration of the 60th International Art Exhibition. Known for pushing artistic boundaries, Endless seamlessly blends modern and urban art forms, creating a distinct voice within his field. His artistry delves into profound themes, exploring the intersection of humanity with fashion, branding, consumer culture, and celebrity influence. His collaborations span renowned figures and brands, including Gilbert & George and fashion houses like Karl Lagerfeld and Fiorucci. His remarkable contributions have even been acknowledged by the Uffizi Galleries, cementing his status as the inaugural street artist in the Medici collection.

At the Avani Rio Novo exhibition, Endless unveils a captivating collection, including digital renditions of his famed “Chapel” perfume artwork, reminiscent of Chanel N°5, and a visionary magazine cover titled “The Endless Transfiguration.” The exhibition also features standout pieces like “Lizzy Vuitton,” a mixed-media portrait of Queen Elizabeth II with a modern punk influence, and “Platinum Queen,” a creative interpretation of Vogue’s cover art, celebrating the iconic British monarch.

Gallerist Cristian Contini expresses his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Avani Hotels & Resorts to present Endless’ works in a dynamic and stimulating environment. The exhibition celebrates urban creativity, integrating art, society and culture for a young and attentive audience.” Avani Rio Novo Venice stands apart in Venice’s hospitality landscape by offering unparalleled cultural experiences. By featuring Endless’s art, the hotel reinforces its commitment to exceeding conventional hospitality, enriching guests’ stays with extraordinary artistic encounters.

Stefano Botteon, General Manager of Avani Rio Novo Venice, emphasizes the importance of art and culture in their offerings, saying, “Collaborating with Cris Contini Contemporary and hosting an artist of Endless’ calibre highlights the importance of art and culture in our offerings, which are both central to Avani Hotels & Resorts. Guests can admire Endless’ works right inside the hotel, immersing themselves in culture, entertainment and contemporary art.” Nestled in the picturesque Dorsoduro district, surrounded by ancient canals and historic bridges, Avani Rio Novo Venice emerges as a modern beacon in the Venetian landscape. The hotel enjoys an ideal location, just a 30-minute drive from Venice Marco Polo Airport and a brief 10-minute stroll from the nearest train station. Moreover, it provides convenient access to nearby car and cruise terminals.

Guests can embrace the Avani Artistic Escape package at Avani Rio Novo Venice Hotel, starting at EUR 360 (approximately USD 390) per room per night. This special offer includes:

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