Beatbot Prime Day Deals: Save Up to $440 on Innovative Pool Cleaners

Pool cleaners can be expensive, especially when considering smart systems with built-in innovative technology. However, the prices are justified by the intelligent, time-saving technologies and features these cleaners offer. Beatbot’s advanced offerings are at the forefront, boasting innovations like the industry’s first pool robot with a simulated flight propulsion design and the industry’s first smart return and surface parking system. This Prime Day, from July 6th to July 17th, Beatbot is offering its biggest pool vacuum deals of the year, with massive discounts of up to $440 off its best robotic pool vacuum cleaners. If you have a pool, this is the perfect opportunity to invest in an exceptional cleaner.

Beatbot’s collection of innovative robotic vacuum cleaners stands out in the industry. From the first all-in-one intelligent pool cleaning robot, the Beatbot AquaSense Pro, to the “world’s best” intelligent cordless pool cleaner, the Beatbot AquaSense, you’re guaranteed quality and innovation. The concept is simple: drop it in your pool, and it cleans thoroughly. That’s it!

The Beatbot AquaSense Pro is the world’s first cordless robotic pool cleaner that cleans the pool floor, walls, waterline, skims the surface, and purifies the water. It’s also the only robot currently that can automatically return to the water surface near the edge for easy retrieval. Once the AquaSense cleaners finish, simply remove them, empty the debris, and recharge them for future use. You can choose from several cleaning modes, with powerful, intelligent cleaning administered through Beatbot’s intuitive mobile app to eliminate any solid nasties in your pool.

Advanced pathing technology allows the robots to move around and navigate the pool with incredible precision. Their propulsion design enables them to float and skim the water’s surface for added debris removal. The AquaSense Pro, for instance, is equipped with integrated smart chips and 20 different sensors, plus nine motors and a brushless main-pump motor delivering 5,500 GPH of suction power. In simpler terms, it’s a smart robot pool vacuum that ensures a much better and more thorough cleaning for your pool.

During Prime Day, from July 6th to July 17th, you can save big on Beatbot’s AquaSense systems, with discounts of up to $440 on some of the best pool vacuum deals available. Additionally, you’ll receive a 1-year extended warranty with your purchase until July 31st. This is the perfect time to get that advanced vacuum you’ve always wanted. Let’s face it, we all get tired of cleaning the bottom of our pools or skimming the surface for bugs and leaves. This Prime Day, invest in an exceptional cleaning solution for your pool and enjoy a sparkling clean oasis.

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