BJP Leader Condemns Attack on Punjab Shiv Sena Leader, Calls for Calm Amidst Tensions

BJP leader Laxmi Kanta Chawla has issued a strong condemnation of the attack on Punjab Shiv Sena leader Sandeep Thapar in Ludhiana. The incident, which occurred on a busy road, involved three assailants wielding swords and left Thapar injured. Chawla emphasized that the attack was unacceptable and urged the public to avoid linking it to religious tensions between Hindus and Sikhs. She also called on the government to clarify whether the attackers were actually Nihangs, a Sikh warrior community, or simply criminals dressed as such.

Meanwhile, Punjab BJP president Sunil Jakhar took the opportunity to criticize the state’s law and order situation. He accused Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann of being indifferent to the rising wave of violence and hate crimes, citing the recent attack as an example. Jakhar further pointed out that Mann’s focus on a by-election in Jalandhar was leaving the state vulnerable to criminal activity.

In response to the attack, the Ludhiana police launched an investigation and swiftly apprehended two suspects, Sarabjit Singh and Harjot Singh. A third suspect, Tahal Singh, remains at large. The Deputy Commissioner of Police assured the public that the accused would be brought to justice.

The attack on Sandeep Thapar has sparked widespread concern and condemnation across Punjab. It has also highlighted the need for a proactive approach to addressing the rising tide of violence in the state and ensuring the safety of its citizens. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining peace and harmony, while also highlighting the crucial role of law enforcement in preventing such incidents.

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