Christmas Chocolates on Shelves Already? Tesco Shoppers Divided

It’s barely summer, but some people are already thinking about Christmas. Tesco shoppers have been caught off guard by the early appearance of festive favorites like Quality Street and Celebrations on supermarket shelves. The sight of these chocolates has sparked a debate online, with some shoppers thrilled to stock up for December 25th, while others find it far too early for such seasonal treats.

A photo of the tubs in a Tesco Express was shared on the Food Finds UK Facebook group by Andrew Steer, who questioned: ‘These were getting put out in Tesco Express today, not Christmas already is it?’ Many echoed his sentiment. Sarah Potter joked: ‘They’ll be placed next to the hot cross buns.’ Zoe Bates commented: ‘Saw these in our Tesco earlier and thought blimey that’s early!’ Anne Martin expressed a common concern: ‘I see these and thought should I start to pick some up for Xmas then thought I’ll most probably end up eating them before.’

However, others argued that chocolate isn’t just for Christmas, and some even suggested the tubs would make great end-of-term gifts for teachers. ‘Chocolate is for life, not just for Christmas,’ commented Lisa Bland, with Cameron Christian agreeing, ‘It’s only chocolate, I don’t see an issue.’

Kim Wheeler, who works in retail, shed light on the behind-the-scenes reality, revealing that shops often stock seasonal items months in advance. ‘We start getting Xmas stock build during summer holidays. We start getting Creme Eggs etc a few weeks before Xmas.’

This practice is not uncommon, and there’s a clever reason behind it. Psychotherapist Kamalyn Kaur explained to that it’s a psychological trick designed to encourage shoppers to buy more. Seeing Christmas chocolates available now might tempt you to stock up, thinking it’ll save you money later. However, by December, you may have already eaten your stash, leading to another purchase.

‘Shops will often strategically introduce seasonal items well in advance of the actual holiday or event to create a sense of anticipation and excitement that can prompt early purchases,’ Kaur explained. ‘Seeing products displayed now can serve as a visual or subconscious reminder of the event, which can encourage people to start planning their Christmas celebrations well in advance. ‘In some cases, if Christmas chocolates are displayed earlier or introduced at cheaper prices then it can create a sense of urgency and scarcity encouraging the consumer to buy sooner, fearing that the item might run out or the prices might get higher closer to the holiday.’

The same strategy is used for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, or Easter candy, often found in shops weeks before the actual celebrations. So, the next time you see seasonal products early, take a moment to consider whether you truly need them or if you’re simply succumbing to the psychological pressure. The same products will be back on the shelves as Christmas draws closer. It’s just a little food for thought to keep in mind when filling your shopping basket.

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