Cole Escola’s ‘Mary Todd Lincoln’ Play Debuts on Broadway, Full of Absurdity and Glitter

Cole Escola, the off-Broadway sensation, brings his unique comedic vision to Broadway with his new play, ‘Mary Todd Lincoln.’ The play, written and starring Escola, draws inspiration from his own third-grade understanding of President Lincoln’s wife. Expect no historical accuracy, as Escola’s interpretation depicts Mary Todd Lincoln as an alcoholic aspiring cabaret star in the weeks leading up to her husband’s assassination.

Escola embraces the absurdity, stating, “I just wanted to make the stupidest, funniest thing possible. My version of Mary Todd Lincoln is basically just me.”

In this week’s episode, we also hear Chioma’s firsthand account of attending the Met Gala and her interpretation of the dress code, which she embraced with bedazzled Ralph Lauren denim and pearls. She also shares her experience at Dolce & Gabbana’s show in Sardinia, filled with opulent jewelry, vibrant gowns, and breathtaking scenery.

Get ready for a hilarious and glamorous exploration of history, fashion, and the absurdity of it all.

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