Doctor Criticizes Alcohol Industry for Promoting Moderate Drinking as Healthy

In a recent tweet, Dr. Cyriac Abby Philips, known as @theliverdr on ‘X’, launched a scathing critique of businessmen promoting the alcohol industry. Philips, who uses the social media handle TheLiverDoc, passionately argued against the notion that moderate alcohol consumption can be beneficial to health. He expressed concern about a group of businessmen who equated alcohol consumption with good healthcare practices, stating, “To claim drinking alcohol in moderation is good is actually a crime. It is a crime towards humanity.”

Philips, who treats alcohol use disorders and related liver diseases daily, recounted experiences with patients whose lives had been devastated by alcohol. He highlighted the discrepancy between wealthy individuals who can afford top-tier healthcare and the average person who struggles with alcohol-related illnesses. “I treat alcohol use disorder and related acute liver disease, chronic liver failure and acute-on-chronic liver failure… every single day from Monday to Friday,” he said, stressing the constant battle he faces in the medical field.

Philips underscored the financial and emotional toll on families dealing with alcohol-related health crises, describing scenarios where patients ended up on ventilators and their families exhausted their savings on futile treatments. “Patients and families struggle to make ends meet for proper healthcare because alcohol use destroyed their life savings,” Philips explained, criticizing discussions that normalize drinking alcohol.

Philips also denounced the disclaimer “drink responsibly” as a tactic for the alcohol industry to evade responsibility. He argued that once individuals start drinking, they often lose control over their consumption, leading to dependency and severe health issues. “The first drink takes your brain. It reduces brain volume, gives you a dopamine kick, makes you happy. And then onwards, you are alcohol’s slave,” Philips warned, highlighting the addictive nature of alcohol.

Referencing scientific studies, Philips reinforced his stance that no amount of alcohol is safe. He pointed to research from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and various scientific bodies that linked alcohol consumption to multiple cancers and other serious health problems. “There is no safe level of alcohol that is good for human health,” Philips reiterated. He also touched on the broader societal impact of alcohol, mentioning incidents where alcohol consumption led to tragic outcomes. “Alcohol use is also a societal poison. It drives people into becoming a menace to society, takes lives, wreaks havoc in homes,” he wrote, providing examples from news reports.

In conclusion, Philips called for stricter regulation and better public education on the dangers of alcohol and urged, “Podcast discussions like these are helping no one here. Please, do something that actually helps people out here.” For those interested in a deeper understanding of alcohol’s effects and the importance of avoiding it, Philips recommended his detailed discussion with Ranveer Allahbadia on YouTube. TheLiverDoc’s powerful message serves as a reminder of the serious health risks associated with alcohol consumption and the need for responsible discourse on the topic.

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