Dr. Marc Siegel Expresses Concern Over Biden’s Cognitive Abilities, Calls for Transparency

Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel has expressed concern over President Biden’s cognitive abilities, stating that it is ‘clear’ the president is suffering from some form of cognitive impairment. In an opinion piece for Fox News, Dr. Siegel, who is also a professor of medicine and medical director of Doctor Radio at NYU Langone Medical Center, delves into the delicate and sensitive nature of a president’s mental health, emphasizing the need for transparency and a proper evaluation.

Dr. Siegel draws parallels between his role as a physician and the current situation, noting that navigating the emotional complexities of a patient facing declining mental faculties is a challenging task. He expresses empathy for the president, recognizing the potential embarrassment and denial that may accompany such a situation. However, he also highlights the crucial role of a president as more than just a figurehead, emphasizing the public’s right to know who is making decisions that impact the nation.

The doctor points to various signs of cognitive slippage, which he believes have been progressively worsening since 2020. He refutes the notion that these lapses are mere ‘gaffes,’ arguing that they indicate a deeper underlying issue. Dr. Siegel condemns the White House’s attempts to cover up these concerns, arguing that such actions are a disservice to the American people, especially in light of ongoing global crises.

Dr. Siegel contrasts President Biden’s current state with that of John F. Kennedy, the country’s youngest president, highlighting the accomplishments achieved during Kennedy’s term. He acknowledges that age should not be a deciding factor for presidential candidacy, but emphasizes the importance of a president’s mental fitness, stating that a debilitated leader undermines the integrity of the political system.

Dr. Siegel concludes his piece with a call for transparency and action. He suggests that White House physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor should come forward and provide details about President Biden’s health, with the permission of the president and his family. He also advocates for an MRI of the president’s brain to assess potential damage or blood flow issues. Furthermore, he urges First Lady Jill Biden to step back from her current role, stating that it is inappropriate for her to operate as a surrogate for the president. Dr. Siegel warns of the potential consequences of a repeat of the situation with Edith Wilson, who essentially managed the country after Woodrow Wilson’s stroke, emphasizing that the country needs strong and clear leadership, especially during times of crisis.

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