Fab Lolly Shrinkflation: Nestlé Investigates Chocolate Section Complaints

From the number of crisps in a packet, to the size of a Freddo bar, and the amount of butter in a packet, shrinkflation has been a hot topic in the UK for months. This phenomenon involves products getting smaller in size without a corresponding price reduction. Now, it seems the iconic Fab lolly could be the latest victim of this trend.

The Nestlé ice lolly, known for its three distinct sections – strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate – is facing accusations of shrinking, particularly in its chocolate section. Consumers have taken to social media, expressing their disappointment about the supposed reduction in size. One Reddit user wrote: ‘The chocolate on top of a Fab lolly has shrunk! Scandalous,’ while another commented: ‘the bit at the top was centimetres smaller than it should have been.’

However, Nestlé has assured consumers that no changes have been made to the size of the Fab lolly. Froneri, the UK manufacturer of Nestlé’s ice cream products, stated: ‘We haven’t made any changes to the size of Fab or any of its three sections. A Fab lolly should have three equally sized sections; strawberry at the bottom, vanilla milk ice in the middle and chocolate with sprinkles at the top.’ They are currently investigating the matter to understand how the concerns arose.

The Fab lolly, launched in 1967, has been a summertime staple for decades. Its original packaging and advertising even featured Lady Penelope and her driver, Parker, from the popular TV show Thunderbirds. The lolly has undergone various limited-edition variations over the years, including lemon, apple and blackcurrant, and tropical flavors.

While the Fab lolly remains a popular choice, the recent concerns about shrinkflation highlight a broader trend affecting various products across the UK. As consumers become increasingly aware of the issue, manufacturers are under pressure to address these concerns and ensure that their products continue to meet expectations.

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