Forget Baking Soda and Vinegar! This ‘Lifesaver’ Item Actually Clears Stubborn Drain Blockages

Drain blockages are a common household problem, often leading to unpleasant smells and frustratingly slow drainage. While many turn to baking soda and vinegar as a quick fix, plumbing experts at Danika Plumbing caution that this popular remedy won’t be effective against tough clogs. Instead, they recommend a more powerful tool – the drain snake.

Drain snakes are essentially long, flexible wires or cables with a cutting head at the end designed to clear blockages in drains. Plumbing professionals at My Home Plumbing tout the drain snake as a “lifesaver” for stubborn blockages that resist traditional plungers or chemical solutions. They emphasize that drain snakes effectively cut through tough clogs without causing damage to pipes or other plumbing fixtures.

To use a drain snake, insert it into the clogged drain, ensuring you go slow and avoid forcing it in. When you encounter the blockage, push down on the snake handle and turn it clockwise. This helps to break up the clog for easier removal. If you feel resistance or the snake isn’t moving, apply more pressure and continue turning.

Once you’ve broken up the clog, continue rotating the snake clockwise to remove any stubborn debris remaining in the pipes. After clearing the blockage, slowly pull out the snake and run hot water through the pipes to ensure all clog remnants are flushed away. This final step ensures your drain is completely clear.

Drain snakes are widely available online and at various hardware stores. You can find them on Amazon for £11.11, at B&Q for £12.99, and at Toolstation for £14.98. So, next time you encounter a stubborn drain blockage, skip the baking soda and vinegar and invest in a drain snake – it might just become your new plumbing hero.

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