Four Seasons Whistler Unveils ‘Tales of the Med’ Cocktail Menu, a Journey Through European Flavors

Escape to the Mediterranean without leaving Whistler this summer with the Four Seasons Resort and Residences Whistler’s new ‘Tales of the Med’ cocktail menu at Braidwood Tavern. This vibrant collection of cocktails celebrates the spirit of sun-drenched European summers, blending the cultural essence of iconic locales into a series of narrative-driven drinks.

Dive into the azure waters of the French Riviera with the ‘French Riviera’ cocktail, a harmonious blend of Roku Gin, lavender, St-Germain, and Mediterranean Tonic. The delicate floral notes of lavender and the crispness of the tonic create a refreshing and elegant tribute to the region’s artistic and historical heritage.

Escape to the tranquil Spanish coast with the ‘Costa Dorada Sangria,’ a luxurious concoction that evokes feelings of relaxed living. Brugal Añejo Rum, sherry, and white wine form the base of this drink, with layers of pineapple, lemon, and orange adding a sweet zing. Saffron, orange blossom water, and cardamom infuse it with the warm, inviting spices reminiscent of a summer evening in Spain.

Indulge in the rich flavors of Italy with the ‘Tiramisu Espresso Martini,’ a reimagined classic. The cocktail combines the comforting flavors of coffee, vanilla, and Montis North Vodka infused with ladyfingers, complemented by Kahlua and Galliano. Topped with a luxurious mascarpone foam, it’s a decadent treat that captures the sweetness of the Italian summer.

Embrace the Italian spirit of fashion and flavor with the ‘Ciao, Cherry’ cocktail. This elegant mix features Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur and ginger-basil infused Sipsmith Gin, brightened with Green Chartreuse and a hint of lime, crowned with a cherry – a true expression of Italian amore.

Experience the regal elegance of Monaco with the ‘Princess of Monaco’ cocktail. A combination of Maker’s Mark 46 and Calvados gives this drink a smooth profile, highlighted by the summer’s sweetness of lemon and locally sourced honey, with Peach & Clove Bitters, gold flakes, and prosecco adding a final touch of luxury.

Finally, escape to the enchanting Greek islands with the ‘Blue Santorini,’ a cocktail that captures the vibrant waters and picturesque charm of Santorini. Tres Generaciones Blanco Tequila blends with passion fruit puree, honey, and a frothy topping of sea salt, creating a taste of Greek paradise in every sip.

‘Tales of the Med’ is more than just a cocktail menu; it’s an invitation to explore the diverse flavors and cultures of the Mediterranean, all within the cozy ambiance of Braidwood Tavern at the Four Seasons Resort and Residences Whistler.

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