Greg Gutfeld Exposes Media’s Hypocrisy in Covering Biden’s Mental Decline

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld and his guests on ‘Gutfeld!’ dissect the media’s recent acknowledgement of President Biden’s declining mental state, exposing what they believe is a calculated cover-up. Gutfeld draws a parallel between this situation and the Harvey Weinstein scandal, where the media initially ignored accusations of sexual misconduct to protect their narrative. He argues that the media initially downplayed Biden’s mental fitness, just as they ignored Weinstein’s alleged behavior, because it was convenient for their agenda. Gutfeld contends that the media has been covering for Biden’s failures for years, just like they protected Hollywood figures like Weinstein. He points out that the media was quick to dismiss any concerns about Biden’s cognitive abilities as “right-wing” propaganda. He calls out the media for their hypocrisy, suggesting that their sudden focus on Biden’s mental decline is driven by a desire for clicks and profits rather than genuine concern. Gutfeld argues that the media has been obsessed with attacking Donald Trump and promoting narratives like Russian collusion and the January 6th insurrection to distract from the Biden administration’s failings. He criticizes the media for neglecting major scandals like Biden’s mental fitness, choosing to focus instead on issues like climate change, police misconduct, and diversity in the military. Gutfeld asserts that the media’s shift in focus is a strategic move to protect their own interests, as they recognize the potential for greater financial gains by exploiting the public’s interest in the Biden dementia story. He concludes by calling out the media’s hypocrisy, highlighting that they are now trying to portray themselves as heroic truth-tellers while they have been complicit in covering up the truth about Biden’s mental state for years. Gutfeld’s commentary serves as a sharp critique of the media’s alleged manipulation of public discourse and their selective coverage of political narratives.

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