GSTC2024: Global Sustainable Tourism Conference in Singapore

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) is hosting the GSTC2024 Global Sustainable Tourism Conference from November 13th to 16th, 2024, at the Equarius Hotel in Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore. This event is a crucial gathering for international and local professionals who are dedicated to advancing sustainable practices within the travel and tourism industry.

The conference, certified against both GSTC Destination and Industry Criteria for Hotels, will bring together approximately 500 participants from various sectors including public entities, hospitality, tour operations, corporate entities, academia, development agencies, online travel platforms, and non-governmental organizations.

With a comprehensive agenda spanning four days, the event will include pre-conference training, interactive panels, workshops, meetings, and social engagements. Attendees will not only benefit from professional development opportunities but also get to experience the vibrant attractions of Sentosa.

The conference is structured around four central themes:


Destination Management:

This theme will explore sustainable destination management practices, including planning, development, and marketing.

Environmental Sustainability:

This theme will focus on reducing the environmental impact of tourism through responsible resource management and climate change mitigation.

Social and Economic Sustainability:

This theme will discuss the importance of equitable distribution of benefits and empowerment of local communities through tourism.

Governance and Measurement:

This theme will examine the role of governance and measurement in ensuring the effectiveness of sustainable tourism initiatives.

Through these thematic focuses, the conference aims to equip participants with the insights and tools necessary to promote sustainable tourism practices, fostering positive impacts on both the environment and local communities.

Registration is currently open for the GSTC2024 Global Sustainable Tourism Conference, offering a unique opportunity for thought leaders, industry experts, and stakeholders to collaborate and shape the future landscape of sustainable travel and tourism worldwide.

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