Hidden Gems on Hulu: Three Underrated Movies to Watch in July

Hulu has expanded its library with the addition of classic sci-fi films like ‘Aliens,’ ‘Alien: Covenant,’ and ‘Alien vs. Predator: Requiem,’ joining the existing ‘Alien’ film. Comedy fans can also enjoy classics like ‘Step Brothers’ and ‘The Cable Guy’. But beyond the obvious picks, Hulu houses a treasure trove of underrated movies, often tucked away within specific genre sections. This month, we recommend three such gems, each offering a unique cinematic experience.

Plus One (2019): A Charming Romantic Comedy

‘Plus One’ features Jack Quaid, known for his role as ‘Homelander’ in ‘The Boys,’ and Maya Erskine, who starred in ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith.’ This delightful 2019 rom-com follows Ben King (Quaid) and Alice Mori (Erskine), longtime friends who dread the dreaded ‘wedding season.’ Ben struggles to find a date for these events while Alice grapples with her recent breakup. To avoid attending weddings alone, they agree to be each other’s plus ones. Initially, their agreement works flawlessly, but as they spend more time together, feelings begin to complicate their friendship. This “will they, won’t they” formula drives the narrative, making ‘Plus One’ a charming and enjoyable watch for anyone seeking a lighthearted romantic comedy.

Behind Enemy Lines (2001): An Exhilarating War Drama

Known primarily for his comedic roles, Owen Wilson ventures into the realm of war drama in ‘Behind Enemy Lines.’ Inspired by the 1995 Mrkonjić Grad incident during the Bosnian War, the film sees Wilson as Lt. Chris Burnett alongside Lt. Jeremy Stackhouse (Gabriel Macht) on a reconnaissance mission over Bosnia. Their mission takes a tragic turn when they discover an illegal mass grave of Bosnian civilians. While attempting to document the evidence, their plane is shot down by General Miroslav Lokar (Olek Krupa), the leader behind the genocide. While Stackhouse is killed, Burnett survives the crash and finds himself stranded behind enemy lines. Rear Admiral Leslie Reigart (Gene Hackman) leads a rescue mission to save Burnett, who must evade capture long enough to reach the rendezvous point. Although not the best war movie ever made, ‘Behind Enemy Lines’ delivers a thrilling experience, showcasing Wilson’s believable performance as a soldier fighting for his survival. Hackman’s presence elevates the film to an effective thriller.

Money Monster (2016): A Gripping Thriller with A-List Stars

George Clooney and Julia Roberts, known for their on-screen chemistry in projects like the ‘Ocean’s’ trilogy and ‘Ticket to Paradise,’ team up in a different dynamic in Jodie Foster’s ‘Money Monster.’ Clooney portrays Lee Gates, a charismatic financial television host resembling a more flamboyant Jim Kramer. Roberts plays his longtime director and producer, Patty. When a prominent stock plummets, Kyle Budwell (Jack O’Connell), an investor who lost everything, takes Gates hostage on live television. Blaming Gates for his financial loss due to the host’s previous endorsement of the stock, Budwell straps a bomb to his chest and demands answers. As Gates searches for the truth behind the stock collapse, he uncovers an illegal conspiracy impacting the global economy at the highest level. ‘Money Monster’ offers a suspenseful thriller with a compelling story and stellar performances from Clooney and Roberts.

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