Hikers Urged to Take Precautions as Summer Heat Hits Southern California Mountains

As an early summer heat wave sweeps into Southern California, many people are seeking respite in the higher elevations to escape potentially scorching temperatures. While the mountains offer cooler air, they also present unique dangers. On June 19th, a 49-year-old hiker from Escondido sustained a broken leg while repelling above San Antonio Falls. Fortunately, she was able to send a distress signal to 911 via text message. According to Chris Henry of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, the hiker’s foot became trapped between two large rocks, and her leg snapped while attempting to free herself. Henry emphasized the dangers of hiking alone, highlighting that a delayed or failed text message could have had dire consequences. He also recounted a rescue mission two weeks prior involving a hiker suffering from heat exhaustion, even though the ambient temperature was only 82 degrees. The incident revealed the importance of proper hydration, as the hikers had only one small water bottle for a demanding hike under warm conditions. Henry stressed the necessity of carrying at least two to three liters of water for safety. In response to these incidents, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department is producing a public service announcement at the volunteer fire station in Mount Baldy, urging hikers to prioritize safety during the summer months. Eric Vetere, a commander with the West Valley Search and Rescue team, emphasizes the importance of adequate hydration, hiking with companions, wearing loose and light clothing, and starting hikes early in the day. He cautions against attempting to summit Mount Baldy in the heat, advocating for early morning starts to avoid the peak temperatures.

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