Houston Airports Struggle with Recovery Efforts Following Hurricane Beryl

Less than 48 hours after Hurricane Beryl swept through Houston, the city’s airports are battling to maintain operations amidst reduced staffing levels. As of 9 a.m. on July 10, over 1.3 million residents in the Houston area remain without electricity, and cell service remains unreliable. Long lines are forming at gas stations, and numerous businesses, schools, and daycares are closed as the community continues to recover from Monday’s Category 1 hurricane. The recovery process is taking place simultaneously with airlines rebooking passengers on what are expected to be completely booked flights this week. Houston Airports is experiencing a record-breaking summer, with an anticipated 19 million passengers traveling between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

What Passengers Can Expect:

In addition to longer wait times at TSA checkpoints, passengers should brace themselves for extended lines at ticket counters, concession stands, and parking facilities. While these lines may be frustrating, they are moving.

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