India News Roundup: Pre-Budget Consultations, Mumbai Accident, Kashmir Encounters

India’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman concluded pre-Budget consultations on Sunday, marking a key step in the lead-up to the upcoming budget announcement. The consultations were attended by representatives from various sectors, including industry leaders, economists, and experts, who provided their insights and recommendations for the upcoming budget. As the nation awaits the budget’s unveiling, companies are gearing up to release their first-quarter results, providing a snapshot of their performance during the initial months of the fiscal year.

Tragedy struck in Mumbai’s Worli area, where a woman lost her life after the two-wheeler she was riding with her husband was hit by a speeding BMW car. The incident sparked concerns about reckless driving and its potential consequences. Authorities are investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident and pursuing legal action against the driver.

In Jammu and Kashmir, security forces engaged in two separate encounters with terrorists in the Kulgam district. The encounters resulted in the deaths of two soldiers and several terrorists. These incidents underscore the ongoing security challenges in the region and the relentless efforts of security forces to combat terrorism. The encounters also highlight the importance of maintaining vigilance and strengthening security measures to protect the lives of civilians and security personnel.

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