Italy’s Tourism Sector Thrives in 2024: A Booming First Half

Italy’s tourism industry is thriving in the first half of 2024, with a significant 12% increase in customer engagement at Tourist Italy compared to 2023. This positive trend is indicative of the sector’s robust health and the country’s enduring appeal to travelers.

The year began with an exceptional influx of foreign visitors, surpassing the projected 108% increase. January alone welcomed 12.6 million passengers, highlighting Italy’s popularity as a top travel destination.

Evolving Tourist Profiles

Group Travel: Making up 56% of Tourist Italy’s clientele, group travel remains a dominant trend.

Solo Travel: Increasingly favored by Millennials and Gen Z, solo adventures continue to rise.

German Tourists: A notable 4.2% increase from 2023 indicates a growing interest from the German market.

Slow Travel: A significant 84% of tour providers have observed a surge in demand for more immersive and leisurely paced travel experiences.

Sustainable Tourism: Mirroring global trends, 83% of providers report a rise in demand for environmentally friendly travel options.

Gig Tripping and Digital Tourism

The combination of travel with live music events is gaining momentum. Additionally, the use of AI-driven tools for enhancing personalized travel experiences is on the rise, reflecting the tech-savvy nature of today’s tourists.

Latter half of 2024: Advance Bookings

Anticipate a continued need for booking attractions ahead of time due to increased tourism.

Hidden Gems

More travelers are expected to seek out lesser-known locales, enriching their travel experience.

Sustainability and Slow Travel

These trends are predicted to maintain their popularity as travelers become more environmentally conscious.

Hotel Rates

An anticipated 15% decrease in hotel rates during September and October could attract more budget-conscious tourists.

Top Hotels in Italy for 2024


Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Lake Como:

Experience luxury with breathtaking views and elegant charm at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo. This historic establishment combines traditional Italian elegance with modern comforts in the heart of Lombardy.


Hotel Belvedere, Lake Como:

Located in the serene Bellagio, Hotel Belvedere offers tranquility with its scenic views and warm hospitality, making it a perfect family getaway destination.


Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli, Lake Garda:

Immerse yourself in luxury at the Villa Feltrinelli. This exclusive hotel boasts stunning architecture and historical significance, providing a lavish retreat with spectacular views of Lake Garda.


Hotel Villa Arcadio, Salò, Lake Garda:

Nestled on a hillside, this former monastery offers a tranquil boutique hotel experience with panoramic views and beautifully landscaped gardens.


Villa & Palazzo Aminta Hotel Beauty & Spa, Lake Maggiore:

For a regal experience, the Villa & Palazzo Aminta in Stresa is your destination. With its luxurious décor and spa services, it promises a royal treatment along the shores of Lake Maggiore.

Tourist Italy remains committed to providing comprehensive insights and predictions to help travelers and industry professionals alike navigate the evolving landscape. We look forward to witnessing the unfolding trends and welcoming more visitors to explore the rich cultural tapestry of Italy.

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