Jaipur Municipal Corporation’s Website Uses ‘Hinglish’ to Boost Accessibility

In an effort to enhance website accessibility and cater to users of all backgrounds, government departments are continuously seeking innovative solutions. The Jaipur Municipal Corporation has recently made headlines for its unique approach to making its website more user-friendly. The municipality has adopted ‘Hinglish,’ a colloquial term for Romanized Hindi, on its website, winning praise from netizens.

Several social media users have shared screenshots of the website, showcasing complaint registration options written in Hinglish. For instance, when visiting the Jaipur Municipal Corporation – Heritage website to lodge a complaint, users are presented with options like “Bander bahut ho gaye hai” (There are too many monkeys) and “Kutta pagal ho gaya hai pakadwana hai” (The dog is going crazy, need to catch it). These options, relatable and easily understood by most locals, especially those with a beginner level of English proficiency, highlight the website’s effort to bridge the language gap.

One of the complaint options reads, “dukaan ke age samaan rakh rakha hai” (Goods are kept in front of the shop), further emphasizing the website’s user-friendly approach. Social media users have reacted to this unique initiative with a mix of amusement and appreciation.

“The developer of Jaipur municipal corporation website is crazy,” wrote a social media user on X, while sharing a screenshot of the website. Many expressed their approval of the innovative method, praising the website’s accessibility and simplicity. Others left humorous comments, highlighting the relatable nature of the options.

“This is the most user-friendly website I have seen. They speak the language of common men and that makes it useful,” wrote one user. “Amazing developer 😂😂 making it simple for others to consume,” commented another.

Some users questioned the authenticity of the screenshots, while others pointed out the practical benefits of using a language familiar to the target audience. “Bhaasha wahi jo samajh me aaye” (The language should be understandable), wrote one user. Another added, “But it works guys, Its easier for boomer uncles.”

A user, speaking from a development perspective, explained the rationale behind using Hinglish. “Let’s think as a development team: Building this for a audience (more comfortable in Hindi language but not proper hindi) so call to action (button of sub category) where instead of Monkey’s are way too much, Bandar bahut ho gye, Now Lead generation is more. Just saying.”

The Jaipur Municipal Corporation’s adoption of Hinglish on its website exemplifies the growing trend of government departments prioritizing user experience and accessibility. By catering to the diverse linguistic needs of its citizens, the municipality is paving the way for more inclusive and effective online services.

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