Kris Jenner Opens Up About Potential Marriage and Upcoming Surgery on ‘The Kardashians’

Kris Jenner may not be rushing to the altar with Corey Gamble, but she’s not completely ruling out the possibility of getting married again. During Thursday’s episode of ‘The Kardashians,’ Kris met up with her friends Faye Resnick and Kathy Hilton for a shopping day in Beverly Hills. While out and about, Kris shared some personal news with her friends, revealing that she will be undergoing a hysterectomy in the near future. This procedure involves the surgical removal of the uterus and is often performed for various reasons, including medical conditions or personal preferences. It seems Jenner is opening up about these personal moments in her life, offering a glimpse into her personal journey to fans of ‘The Kardashians’.

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