Malaikaraiss Takes a ‘Pause’ with Intimate Interlude Collection

Malaika Raiss, known for her bold runway shows, took a different approach this season with her Interlude collection. Presented in a smaller, more intimate setting, the collection serves as a reflective pause, a moment to appreciate the brand’s journey before unveiling larger projects in the future. The inspiration for Interlude? A trip to Greece. Raiss, who has previously incorporated photo prints into her designs, drew upon the beauty of Greek flowers and sculptures, weaving them into this new collection.

The collection itself is a mix of classic Malaikaraiss silhouettes and new explorations. Flowing caftans and feminine dresses mingle with tailored pieces, creating a balance of volume and structure. A standout piece is a paper-like coat, a testament to Raiss’s experimentation with different materials. Beyond the traditional runway setting, Raiss chose to showcase her collection in a unique way. The clothes were photographed in the style of a friendship book, featuring models, stylists, and close friends who have been with the brand from the beginning. This intimate approach reflects the personal nature of the collection, highlighting the close connections that have shaped Raiss’s design philosophy.

Further emphasizing this personal touch, the collection also incorporates elements inspired by Raiss’s husband’s habit of borrowing her clothing. Unisex shirts, shorts, and resort trousers signal a new direction for Malaikaraiss, opening up to a broader audience and embracing a more inclusive approach to fashion.

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