Man, 35, Reveals Anti-Aging Secrets That Make Him Look Like a Teenager

A 35-year-old man has revealed his anti-aging secrets after being told by strangers he looks like a teenager. Brandon Miles May, from Michigan, US, attributes his youthful appearance to a combination of healthy habits and a positive mindset.

He emphasizes the importance of daily sunscreen use and covering his skin when outdoors, stating that he has never touched a drop of alcohol in his life. Brandon’s diet consists of fresh fruit, plant-based food, and fish, which he says helps him feel just as young as he did 10 years ago.

Brandon has been looking after his skin since he was just 13 and made an effort to maintain his healthy lifestyle. He says he attributes his youthful appearance to not drinking alcohol and his positive mindset. He has always been mindful of sun exposure, wearing a hoodie to block the sun and using physical coverings on the backs of his hands. His commitment to a healthy lifestyle has led to strangers guessing his age anywhere from 15 to 19, much younger than his actual age. He emphasizes that he has never had any cosmetic procedures, and his routine is surprisingly simple yet effective.

Brandon, who also owns a medical communications business, has always had a taste for healthy food. At 15, he started incorporating green tea and more plant-based foods into his diet. At 19, he cut out sugars, grains, and carbohydrates, opting for an organic diet and plenty of low-mercury fish. He attributes his early interest in longevity and anti-aging to his focus on nutrition at a young age.

While he believes exercise is important, Brandon avoids strenuous activities to prevent overexerting his body. He emphasizes moderate exercise, such as walking, yoga, and strength training. His approach to health is not about living forever but about maintaining his well-being for as long as possible. He feels that a youthful mind contributes to a youthful appearance and that his lifestyle, while simple, has helped him maintain his physical and emotional youth.

While strangers may find his lifestyle ‘exhausting,’ Brandon assures it is simple to follow and allows for daily indulgences, like his love for dark chocolate. He believes his approach to health and wellness is about maintaining a balance and embracing a positive outlook. He sees his lifestyle as a journey toward maintaining his health and enjoying life to the fullest.

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