Martin Roberts Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles After Life-Threatening Health Scare

In April 2022, Homes Under the Hammer host Martin Roberts faced a life-threatening health scare when he was diagnosed with pericardial effusion, a condition where fluid accumulates around the heart. Undergoing emergency surgery, Roberts was informed that he could have had mere hours to live without the intervention.

Despite overcoming the physical challenges, Roberts continues to grapple with the psychological repercussions of the experience. He acknowledges the lingering anxiety, stating, ‘I can’t understate the mental after-effects of what happened to me.’

Roberts emphasizes the fragility of life, recognizing that his family and accomplishments could have been lost in an instant. The scare has prompted him to live more fully and take on projects that fulfill him.

Currently, Roberts is spearheading the renovation of a pub in Blaencwm, Rhondda Valley, Wales. Aiding troubled teenagers in the process, Roberts aims to transform the establishment into a community hotspot. The project has provided him with a sense of purpose and the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

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