McDonald’s Ditches Salads in the US, but UK Fans Can Breathe Easy

McDonald’s, while not the first place that comes to mind for salad cravings, has offered them on their menu. However, in the US, the home of McDonald’s, these healthier options are being discontinued. This decision stems from the lackluster demand for salads, leading to their removal during the pandemic to streamline operations. McDonald’s USA president Joe Erlinger stated that salads wouldn’t be making a comeback due to the lack of demand. Customers, he explained, are more interested in classic items like fries, value meals, and hot sandwiches.

But fear not, salad enthusiasts in the UK! McDonald’s has assured Metro that they have no plans to remove the five salads currently on their menu. The journey of McSalads in the US began in 2000 with the McSalad Shaker, a tall cup of salad with dressing. However, it wasn’t considered substantial enough and failed to gain popularity. In 2003, McDonald’s replaced the Shaker with Premium Salads, which were more filling but still didn’t resonate with consumers.

The UK menu features a salad with grilled chicken breast, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, and red onion. McDonald’s also offers its own Balsamic Dressing, resulting in a meal with 1.4g of fat (excluding the dressing).

The decision to discontinue salads in the US aligns with the brand’s approach to plant-based options. The McPlant burger, launched in 2021, was also discontinued in the US due to lackluster consumer interest. Made with Beyond Meat, this plant-based burger has fared better in other countries, such as the UK, Germany, Holland, and Portugal. While the US market may not be receptive to these healthier options, McDonald’s remains committed to catering to the preferences of its customers in other regions.

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