Mizoram CM Informs PM Modi: No Deportation of Zo Refugees from Bangladesh

Mizoram Chief Minister Lalduhoma has informed Prime Minister Narendra Modi that his government will not be able to deport Zo refugees from neighboring Bangladesh. The statement was made during a meeting between the two leaders on Sunday. The situation arose due to a military offensive by the Bangladeshi Army targeting the Zo community, leading to an influx of nearly 2,000 refugees into the northeastern state over the past two years. The Zo community, also known as the Chin people, are an ethnic group residing in parts of India, Myanmar, and Bangladesh. The refugees have been seeking shelter in Mizoram, seeking safety and protection from the ongoing conflict. Chief Minister Lalduhoma’s statement highlights the complex humanitarian situation and the challenges faced by the Mizoram government in dealing with the influx of refugees. The situation underscores the need for regional cooperation and a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Bangladesh to address the humanitarian crisis faced by the Zo community.

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