Modi Meets Austrian Nobel Laureate, Discusses Quantum Physics and Spiritual Values

During his visit to Vienna, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi engaged in a series of high-level meetings, including a notable encounter with Austrian physicist and Nobel laureate Anton Zeilinger. The discussion between the two prominent figures covered diverse topics, ranging from spiritual values to the burgeoning field of quantum technology. Zeilinger, a renowned quantum physicist, described the meeting as “very pleasant” and highlighted the exploration of spiritual matters alongside discussions on the potential of quantum information and technology, as well as the fundamental principles of quantum physics. He characterized Prime Minister Modi as “a very spiritual person,” suggesting that this quality is increasingly important for world leaders.

Zeilinger commended Prime Minister Modi’s vision of empowering India’s entrepreneurial spirit. He observed that fostering the talents of young people and encouraging their innovative ideas is crucial for technological advancement, an endeavor he believes is particularly promising in India due to its rich spiritual history.

Prime Minister Modi also met with Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen, where they explored ways to strengthen bilateral cooperation in various sectors, including environmental protection and combating climate change. Following the meeting, Prime Minister Modi highlighted the importance of expanding India-Austria collaboration.

The meeting with President Van der Bellen focused on reinforcing India-Austria relations across a spectrum of areas. The two leaders exchanged perspectives on global issues, particularly emphasizing environmental sustainability, global warming, and climate change action. President Van der Bellen expressed gratitude for Prime Minister Modi’s visit, emphasizing the enduring friendship and strong bilateral relations between the two countries, especially in the economic domain. He highlighted the desire to further enhance this collaboration.

Prime Minister Modi concluded his visit by engaging with business leaders from both India and Austria. He extended an invitation to Austrian companies to invest in India, particularly in infrastructure, energy, emerging technologies, and other sectors.

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