Munich Airport Sees Record Passenger Numbers in First Half of 2024

Munich Airport has reported a substantial increase in passenger numbers for the first half of 2024. From January to June, over 19 million travelers passed through the airport, representing a 14.8% rise from the previous year. This surge brought the airport to nearly 85% of its peak passenger volume recorded in 2019.

The airport also achieved an unprecedented average aircraft load factor of 80%, the highest to date. This remarkable growth can be attributed to the significant increase in intercontinental traffic, which saw a near 19% rise in passengers. This includes notable increases in travel to North America and the Far East, with figures matching those from the first half of 2019, reaching approximately 1.2 million passengers.

Aircraft activity at Munich Airport has also seen a significant increase, with over 156,000 takeoffs and landings in the first half of the year. This represents an increase of more than 10% from the previous year and a staggering 76% from 2019. Munich Airport now connects to around 160 destinations globally, including 47 intercontinental routes.

The momentum is expected to continue, with new long-haul routes already scheduled for later in the year. Furthermore, the airport is witnessing more frequent use of modern long-haul aircraft, specifically the Airbus A350-900, with departures set to increase from 140 per week in the summer to 170 in the fall.

The cargo sector at Munich Airport is also thriving, with an 11% increase in handled cargo, totaling around 147,000 tonnes, driven by the overall rise in air traffic. The strong performance of the airport in the first half of 2024 indicates a positive trajectory for the remainder of the year.

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