Nordstrom and Marina Larroudé Collaborate on Exclusive Shoe Collection

As the seasons transition into the warmth of spring and summer, the need for stylish and comfortable footwear becomes paramount. In recognition of this, on Thursday afternoon, Rickie De Sole, Nordstrom Vice President and General Manager of Designer and New Concepts, and Marina Larroudé, renowned footwear designer, hosted an intimate luncheon to commemorate Nordstrom’s partnership with Larroudé. This collaboration has resulted in an exclusive collection that forms part of Nordstrom’s ongoing ‘Make Room for Shoes’ campaign.

Nordstrom, a name synonymous with exceptional shoe offerings, has maintained its position as a leader in the industry since its humble beginnings as a shoe store in Seattle in 1901. Today, as part of its ‘Make Room for Shoes’ campaign, Nordstrom has joined forces with Larroudé to unveil a capsule collection featuring six exclusive styles available in 93 stores nationwide.

In a heartfelt speech, De Sole expressed her admiration for Larroudé, stating, ‘I see so much of you in this capsule collection. It’s joyful, it’s beautiful, and it perfectly captures the spirit of spring.’ The capsule, named the Hibiscus collection, draws inspiration from Larroudé’s summer memories in Brazil, designed to evoke feelings of spring romance and beachside bliss. ‘This collection is for the vibrant, spirited woman who loves to celebrate life,’ said Larroudé. ‘Each piece resonates with the warmth and vibrancy of my homeland.’

At 12:30 pm, guests gathered in a secluded area of an Italian bistro, greeted with sparkling beverages before taking their seats. The table was adorned with pink peonies, orchid-shaped napkin holders, and green glassware, reflecting the collection’s lively theme. Attendees, many of whom showcased the collection’s six eclectic styles, savored spicy rigatoni and cacio e pepe before indulging in delectable lemon doughnuts and mango sorbet. To combat any potential sugar crash, attendees wisely opted for a shot (or two) of espresso before resuming their Thursday afternoons.

Rickie De Sole and Marina Larroudé were joined by a notable group of guests, including Victoria Quintino, Anahita Moussavian, and DJ Twin-T, all of whom added to the celebratory atmosphere of the luncheon. The event served as a testament to Nordstrom’s commitment to offering its customers exclusive and fashionable footwear, while also highlighting Larroudé’s exceptional design talent. The Hibiscus collection is a captivating addition to Nordstrom’s spring/summer offerings, promising to elevate any wardrobe with its vibrant colors, playful patterns, and exquisite craftsmanship.

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