Olivia Dean’s Experimental Hair and Makeup Moments: From Coachella to Chanel

Olivia Dean, the British multi-genre vocalist, is on a meteoric rise to stardom. Her captivating blend of soul, pop, jazz, and R&B has captivated audiences worldwide. Following the success of her debut album ‘Messy’ and her latest single ‘Time,’ she has garnered international acclaim, earning nominations alongside music giants like Dua Lipa, Charli XCX, and Raye. Dean’s talent has taken her from Coachella to Glastonbury, with a future appearance at Lollapalooza Chicago. She is also touring extensively for her ‘Messy’ album, bringing her music to Europe, North America, and Japan throughout the summer. In addition to her musical pursuits, Dean has become a regular at Chanel fashion shows, often gracing the front row with her effortless style. Her social media presence reflects her versatile aesthetic, showcasing both her clean, understated looks and her eclectic stage outfits.

Dean’s beauty looks are just as multifaceted as her style. While she often embraces a natural, bare-faced glow, she isn’t afraid to experiment with bolder looks, playing with a spectrum of colors around her eyes. Her luscious hair is equally playful, often adorned with flora and fauna-inspired accessories, adding an extra touch of whimsy to both her photoshoots and stage performances. Here are some of Olivia Dean’s most experimental hair and makeup moments:

1. Take a Bow:

As a Chanel ambassador, Olivia Dean often graces the shows with stunning ensembles. For one striking appearance, she perfectly matched her beauty look to her outfit by adding a velvet bow to a sleek low bun.

2. Velvet Rose:

Embracing the monochromatic rosy palette, Dean gleamed with an iridescent carnation pink shimmer on her lids that shift beautifully in the light, mirroring her velvet dress.

3. Garden on the Mind:

Olivia Dean effortlessly pulls off any look, even with an over-the-top theatrical hairstyle. Here, intricate, gravity-defying braids intertwine with a diversity of florals and florets that crown her head. The playful and eccentric look is artfully completed with a bold coral lip.

4. Pre-Raphaelite Glam:

Long, curled tresses are making waves, as seen at the Met Gala, but Olivia Dean perfected the look at this year’s Brit Awards. This historically textured hairstyle is given an ethereal finish with smoother, silkier curls that complement her soft glam make-up look.

5. Vintage Glam Girl:

A glamorous, dramatic ’90s blowout look, recently featured ahead of her performance at the North Sea Jazz Festival. This iconic hairstyle channels retro charm with voluminous waves that are a timeless stage-ready classic.

6. Lavender Haze:

At the British Fashion Awards, Dean dazzled the red carpet and stage in a lilac monochromatic look. Pastel purples delicately dusted on her lids pair perfectly with a tinted gloss. Finger curls are laid on the temples, adding a fanciful touch.

7. Diamante Lines:

Dean’s make-up artist revealed a close-up of a mesmerizing glass crystal look for a night at the Messy tour. A crystallized eyeliner provides sparkle, complemented by sheer, buttery skin and a lightly stained lip that harmonizes perfectly with her vibrant yellow outfit.

8. A Natural Beauty:

Off the stage, Olivia Dean typically embraces a no-makeup makeup style, effortlessly elevating it with a simple yet elegant oversized floral scrunchie.

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