PM Modi Embarks on Two-Day Visit to Russia for Annual Summit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has arrived in Russia for a two-day official visit, marking the commencement of the 22nd India-Russia Annual Summit. The visit, initiated on the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin, holds significant weight for both nations, especially in light of the evolving geopolitical landscape.

This trip marks the first official visit by PM Modi to a country outside of South Asia following his re-election, breaking with the usual protocol. The visit is particularly noteworthy as it occurs amidst a backdrop of Western nations distancing themselves from Russia following the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

The visit is deemed “very significant” and “very important” for bilateral ties, regional and mutual interests, as stated by India’s Ambassador to Russia, Vinay Kumar. The summit is anticipated to be a comprehensive one, addressing a wide array of topics, including economic cooperation, security concerns, and regional developments.

The Kremlin spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, revealed that informal talks between PM Modi and President Putin are planned, highlighting the strong relationship between the two leaders. This summit comes after a three-year hiatus, with the previous 21st India-Russia Annual Bilateral Summit taking place in New Delhi in December 2021, which saw Putin visiting the national capital. Over the past decade, the two leaders have met on 16 occasions, emphasizing the robust nature of their relationship.

PM Modi’s last visit to Russia was in 2019, where he participated in an economic conclave in Vladivostok. India and Russia share a long history of close ties, dating back to the Cold War era, and Russia has historically been a major arms supplier to India. The current summit is expected to further solidify these bonds and explore new avenues for cooperation in various sectors.

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