Pregnant Guest Takes All The BBQ Food, Then Asks For Cake: Is The Host The A-Hole?

A Reddit user named u/Unhappy-Marzipan7911 sparked a debate about etiquette and boundaries after sharing her experience with a pregnant guest who took all the BBQ food at her birthday party. The user, who celebrated her birthday the day before posting, explained that her husband had invited two friends, Matt and his pregnant girlfriend, Jane, along with their children. The group, including the host, her husband, and the three children from each couple, enjoyed a birthday barbecue, with the host spending around $90 on food and Matt contributing burgers.

While the men cooked, the host went swimming with the children. Jane sat by the grill on her phone. When dinner was ready, the host stayed in the pond with her son for another 40 minutes, unaware of the situation unfolding at the grill.

Upon returning, the host discovered that all the food was gone. Her husband explained that Jane had asked if she could take leftovers, but he didn’t expect her to take everything. The host called Matt, who claimed Jane only took a few pieces and that there was plenty left. However, the host’s 13-year-old son confirmed that Jane had walked off with the entire dish of food.

Frustrated, the host and her son hadn’t eaten anything. Despite her anger, she agreed to not cause a fuss for her husband’s sake, as he worked with Matt.

To the host’s surprise, Jane and her children returned 45 minutes later and asked for cake. The host refused, stating that Jane had eaten plenty considering she took all the BBQ food before the host and her son could eat. Jane argued that her husband had given her permission, but the host stood firm, emphasizing that Jane had been by the grill the whole time and should have known the situation. Jane and her children left without cake.

The host’s post generated numerous responses from fellow Reddit users. Many agreed that Jane’s behavior was rude, criticizing her for taking all the food without asking the host directly and leaving without saying goodbye. They also pointed out the irony of her returning for cake after taking all the main course.

The situation highlights the importance of communication and respecting boundaries, even within a group of friends. The post sparked a conversation about appropriate guest behavior and the challenges of hosting events with friends who have different expectations.

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