Prince Harry’s Pat Tillman Award Nomination Sparks Outrage, Petition Reaches 75,000 Signatures

Prince Harry is facing intense backlash for his upcoming receipt of the Pat Tillman Award, an honor recognizing service members who have made significant contributions to society. The British royal is being honored by ESPN for his work with the Invictus Games, a multi-sport event for wounded, injured, and sick servicemen and women. However, the decision has sparked a furious outcry, with over 75,000 people signing a petition protesting the award.

The petition criticizes Harry’s past controversies and alleged self-centeredness, arguing that he is an inappropriate choice for an award named after Pat Tillman, a former NFL player who left his career to serve in the U.S. Army and was tragically killed by friendly fire.

“Prince Harry, while a former military officer, has been involved in controversies that call into question his suitability to receive an honor of this magnitude,” the petition states. Critics point to accusations that Harry endangered his squadron by publicly revealing military kills, as well as allegations that he targeted his own father, Prince Charles, during a flyover.

The petition further criticizes Harry’s focus on the Invictus Games, suggesting that it is a platform for self-promotion rather than genuine support for veterans. “His role in the Invictus games, a platform meant to celebrate the resilience and dedication of veterans, has been criticized as self-centered,” the petition insists.

Despite the widespread criticism, Harry has not addressed the controversy directly. He did, however, share a heartfelt video message on Wednesday highlighting the UK’s participation in the first ever Winter Invictus Games.

The outrage towards Harry’s nomination is widespread, with many Americans expressing their disapproval on social media. “Americans will not be forgiving if Harry steals the Pat Tillman award. Pat Tillman was a hero of the highest order sacrificing himself for his country. Worst part of all, killed by friendly fire. This will not bode well, biggest mistake for Harry. No forgiving this,” one X user commented.

“The petition has now reached just over 71,000 signatures! Surely ESPN and the ESPYS know by now our thoughts on their undeserving recipient of the Pat Tillman Award. There are FAR better people who actually deserve this honor,” added another.

The controversy surrounding Harry’s Pat Tillman Award nomination is likely to continue as the award ceremony approaches. It remains to be seen whether ESPN will reconsider their decision or whether Harry will respond to the mounting criticism.

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