Realme Teams Up with Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts for Monet-Inspired Realme 13 Pro Series

Realme is back in the global phone market with the Realme GT 6, and they’re not wasting any time in gearing up for their next release. The company has teased the upcoming Realme 13 Pro series and announced a unique collaboration with the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. This collaboration has resulted in two special edition models inspired by the works of impressionist painter Claude Monet.

The Realme 13 Pro phones will feature colors and designs inspired by two of Monet’s most recognizable works: ‘Grainstack (Sunset)’ and ‘Water Lilies’. The ‘Monet Gold’ phone, inspired by ‘Grainstack’, showcases subtle gold tones and reflections reminiscent of the sunset depicted in the famous painting. While the company has only revealed the ‘Monet Gold’ edition so far, a second special edition phone called ‘Monet Purple’ will be inspired by ‘Water Lilies’.

Both phones will boast a frosted glass finish, which Realme describes as crafted with a unique ‘flash gold’ process. This process involves millions of shimmering particles coming together to emulate Monet’s brushstrokes on the glass, capturing the fleeting moments depicted in his paintings.

Realme has a history of impressive designs, evident in previous collaborations with Japanese designer Fukasawa Naoto and partnerships with renowned brands like Coca-Cola. It will be interesting to see how this collaboration with an art museum unfolds, particularly when referencing such iconic works.

Beyond the artistic inspiration, the Realme 13 Pro series packs some impressive technology. The phones will feature two Sony Lytia camera sensors on the back, including the latest LYT-701, and advanced AI camera technology. The series will include the Realme 13 Pro and Realme 13 Pro Plus models, both available in the Monet-inspired color schemes.

While the exact release date is yet to be announced, Realme confirmed the Realme 13 Pro series will be launched in India in the near future. With its unique design, advanced camera technology, and artistic inspiration, the Realme 13 Pro series is certainly one to watch.

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