Saudi Airlines Flight Suffers Landing Gear Fire at Peshawar Airport, All Passengers Evacuated Safely

A Saudi Airlines flight carrying 297 passengers encountered a serious incident on Thursday, July 11, 2024, during its landing at Peshawar airport in Pakistan. According to the Pakistan Observer, the aircraft experienced a fire, which was reportedly triggered by a malfunction in the landing gear. The plane, en route from Riyadh to Peshawar, faced this emergency as it touched down.

Emergency protocols were activated immediately, allowing for a swift response to the situation. All passengers and crew members were evacuated safely from the aircraft without any reported injuries. This efficient response averted what could have potentially been a catastrophic event.

Following the incident, Global Defense Insight shared images on the social media platform X, showcasing visibly charred sections of the affected aircraft. These images highlighted the severity of the fire and the extent of damage sustained by the plane during the ordeal.

This incident has brought attention to the critical importance of aircraft maintenance and the effectiveness of emergency response protocols. The successful evacuation of all on board without injuries provides a significant relief, but also serves as a crucial reminder of the need for stringent safety measures in aviation.

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