Simplified Environmental Solutions Appoints New Vice President of Sales

Simplified Environmental Solutions (SES), a leader in true zero-waste to landfill material processing and management, has appointed Dave Nelson as its new Vice President of Sales. Nelson joins SES after more than 30 years serving the environmental services sector in a variety of sales leadership and strategy roles.

“Dave has a track record and experience that is uniquely qualified to build customized zero waste to landfill strategies for manufacturers, consumer goods producers and industrial clients of all shapes and sizes,” says [Name], co-CEO, SES. “He’s a natural sales leader who looks at each discussion as an opportunity to improve someone’s business, and not as a transaction.”

“SES is creating a whole new economy in the manufacturing and waste industries that appeals to an organization’s sustainability mission, as well as its bottom line,” says Nelson. “I’ve never seen a service provider so dedicated to new and innovative ways to achieve zero waste to landfill, and to do so in a creative way that focuses equally on preventing the creation of waste as well as the second life of waste products.”

The [Location]-based organization has recently opened new locations in [Location] and [Location], with additional expansion being considered elsewhere throughout [Region]. Each of the new locations will carry the full range of service offerings from SES, including non-hazardous secondary material processing, recycling, reuse of raw material waste and scrap, controlled disposal of finished goods, food waste reuse and compost, and onsite waste and recycling consultation.

“The regional expansion throughout the country and the dedication to building custom programs for each partner is inspiring,” says Nelson. “Especially when we solve production challenges on the front end to minimize the creation of waste and are then able to turn that waste product into something commercially viable or otherwise useful — it’s a company and mission I’m proud to be a part of.”

To learn more about Simplified Environmental Solutions, visit [Website].

SOURCE Simplified Environmental Solutions

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