South Korea Warns Russia Over North Korea Ties, Threat to Europe

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol has issued a stern warning to Russia, stating that its deepening military ties with North Korea pose a significant threat to both Europe and the Korean peninsula. He emphasized that Moscow must carefully consider where its true interests lie, making a clear choice between its relations with South Korea and North Korea.

Yoon, in written responses to Reuters ahead of a visit to Washington for a NATO summit, declared that the future of South Korea-Russia relations “depends entirely” on Russia’s actions. He directly linked South Korea’s decision on providing weapons support to Ukraine to the extent of military cooperation between Russia and North Korea. Yoon expressed concern over the potential for Russia to provide North Korea with military technology and strategic materials, highlighting the potential for a negative impact on South Korea’s ties with Russia.

He explicitly stated that “military co-operation between Russia and North Korea poses a distinct threat and grave challenge to the peace and security on the Korean peninsula and in Europe.” Yoon also highlighted the concerning implications of Russia’s military partnership with North Korea, noting that Russia’s actions, in violation of UN resolutions, warrant strong condemnation.

The tensions between South Korea and Russia stem from Moscow’s receipt of ballistic missiles and artillery from Pyongyang, intended for use in the ongoing war against Ukraine. While both Russia and North Korea deny these deals, the situation has soured relations between South Korea and Russia.

Yoon’s comments come amidst growing international concern over North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs, with South Korea actively seeking to bolster security ties with European nations and other US allies. He also aims to enhance South Korea’s role in global security, addressing concerns such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the rivalry between China and the United States.

The upcoming NATO summit in Washington, where Yoon will be present for the third time, will offer a platform for further discussion on these critical issues. The summit will also celebrate the 75th anniversary of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. South Korea’s role as an Asia-Pacific partner, alongside Australia, Japan, and New Zealand, in the talks further underscores the significance of these discussions.

Yoon declined to comment on potential changes to US policies if Donald Trump becomes president again, but expressed confidence in the enduring strength of the US-South Korea alliance. He pointed to the unwavering bipartisan support for the alliance over the past 70 years, assuring its continued strength moving forward.

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