Speeding BMW Kills Woman in Mumbai Hit-and-Run, Son of Shiv Sena Leader Suspected

A tragic accident in Mumbai’s Worli area has claimed the life of a woman after a speeding BMW struck a couple on a two-wheeler. The incident occurred around 5:30 am near Atria Mall, as per media reports. The couple, reportedly from the fishermen community, were riding their scooter when the speeding BMW hit them from behind, causing their scooter to flip. Both the husband and wife fell onto the car’s bonnet.

The couple was rushed to Nair Hospital, where the woman was declared dead. The husband is currently undergoing treatment. The driver of the BMW, who fled the scene, is suspected to be the son of Shiv Sena leader Rajesh Shah. The police have launched an investigation into the hit-and-run case.

This incident is reminiscent of recent high-profile hit-and-run cases involving children of influential individuals in India. In May, a Porsche driven by a teenager in Pune crashed into a bike, killing two techies. The teenager, allegedly under the influence of alcohol, was released from an observation home last month after the Bombay High Court ruled that his remand orders were illegal. In another incident in Chennai, the daughter of a Rajya Sabha MP allegedly ran her BMW over a man sleeping on a pavement.

These incidents highlight the growing concern regarding road safety and accountability in India. The authorities are under pressure to take stricter measures to prevent such tragedies and ensure justice for victims.

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