State Department Expands Passport Services with Six New Agencies

Travelers facing urgent passport needs will soon have more options. The State Department plans to establish six new passport agencies across the country to cater to individuals requiring expedited services. These new agencies will be located in Salt Lake City, Kansas City, Orlando, Charlotte, San Antonio, and Cincinnati.

Operating by appointment only, these agencies will offer expedited passport services for travelers with imminent international travel plans. Applicants can expect to receive their passports within 14 calendar days and foreign visas within 28 calendar days. This expansion aims to enhance accessibility and convenience for travelers facing time constraints.

The State Department acknowledges Congress for its support in establishing these new agencies and remains committed to issuing passports efficiently. Despite the increased demand for passports, processing times are expected to remain consistent with pre-pandemic levels.

While the specific addresses and opening dates for these new agencies are yet to be disclosed, the State Department assures that updates will be provided as planning progresses. In the meantime, travelers can access a map of existing passport agencies and centers online.

For those who do not require expedited services, passport applications can be submitted at over 7,000 acceptance facilities nationwide, including post offices.

This announcement follows the State Department’s recent trial introduction of online passport renewal services. As travel resumes and passport demand continues to rise, these initiatives aim to streamline the application process and ensure efficient service for travelers.

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