Travelex Expands Travelex Money Card with Seven New Currencies

Travelex, a leading provider of foreign exchange services, has announced the expansion of its Travelex Money Card (TMC) to include seven new currencies. This addition brings the total number of supported currencies on the TMC to 22, offering users greater flexibility and convenience when traveling abroad.

The newly added currencies include Norwegian Krone, Danish Krone, Icelandic Krona, Hungarian Forint, Thai Baht, Hong Kong Dollar, and Singapore Dollar. This expansion directly addresses the growing demand for Asian currencies, fueled by the resurgence of travel across the region following the pandemic.

This move also underscores Travelex’s commitment to broadening its TMC currency options, particularly focusing on enhancing accessibility across Europe. The inclusion of these new currencies is a significant step in Travelex’s ongoing digital transformation journey. The company has been actively investing in digital infrastructure and product development, demonstrated by the introduction of industry-leading innovations such as automated, self-service digital kiosks at London Heathrow.

Travelex has also pioneered the retail foreign exchange industry’s first ATM click-and-collect solution and is rolling out new digital, self-service concept stores globally. These advancements are driven by Travelex’s continuous upgrades to its backend and cloud-based digital infrastructure, ensuring a seamless customer experience worldwide.

Simon Jackson, Chief Customer Officer, Travelex, stated, “As the only global provider with cash and card offerings, our proposition empowers consumers with the ‘best of both’, offering travel money solutions that work for all needs. With the TMC expanding its currency offering, we are proud to offer customers convenience, flexibility, and security when spending money abroad in more countries than ever before.

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