Warwick Davis Apologizes for Social Media Post Causing Concern

Following the death of his wife, Samantha Davis, actor Warwick Davis posted a concerning message on social media. The message, which read “I’m done here, signing off,” along with a heartbreak emoji, raised concerns among fans and friends. Davis’ children subsequently issued a statement reassuring the public that their father was simply taking some time away from social media.

Davis and his wife met on the set of the 1988 fantasy film Willow, where he played the role of Willow Ufgood. They later appeared together in several Harry Potter films, with Davis portraying Professor Flitwick and Samantha playing a goblin. The couple also co-founded Little People UK in 2012 to support individuals with dwarfism and their families.

In a statement released by Davis’ children, Annabelle and Harrison, they thanked fans for their support and understanding. They also apologized for any concern that their father’s social media post may have caused.

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