Wedding Dress Dilemma: Should I Change My Dress Two Weeks Before My Wedding?

A bride-to-be is facing a common wedding dilemma: dress regret. She bought her dress a year ago, but now, just two weeks before her wedding, she’s questioning her choice. She initially loved the dress, but now finds herself drawn to the big, princess-y styles she’s been seeing everywhere. She’s worried she won’t feel special on her big day if she sticks with her current dress. Is it too late to change? Or should she embrace the dress she already has?

Wedding planner and venue owner Alison Rios McCrone offers reassuring advice. She acknowledges that wedding dress anxiety is normal, especially as the big day approaches. She suggests the bride first consider whether her change of heart is due to outside influences, like seeing other dresses, or a genuine shift in taste. It’s possible that the stress of wedding planning is causing her to second-guess her decision.

Alison reminds the bride that she initially loved the dress and that it brought tears of joy to her mother and bridesmaids. She also emphasizes the enduring elegance of simple dresses and the importance of staying true to one’s personal style.

If the bride is still feeling unsure, Alison recommends a conversation with her mother and bridesmaids. Their reassurance could help her see the dress in a new light. However, if the bride feels strongly about a change, Alison suggests reaching out to the bridal shop. Some stores offer quick-to-tailor options, including sample sales dresses and off-the-rack choices. The store’s seamstress may also be able to make alterations or additions to the current dress to enhance its look.

If finding a new dress isn’t feasible, Alison encourages the bride to focus on the reason for the wedding: celebrating love and commitment. The dress is important, but the bride’s happiness and comfort will have a bigger impact on the day.

Ultimately, Alison reassures the bride that she will look stunning because she will radiate joy. She wishes her the best for her wedding and beyond.

This advice column emphasizes the importance of self-confidence and prioritizing happiness on the wedding day. It also highlights the importance of surrounding oneself with supportive friends and family who can provide reassurance and help with decision-making during stressful times. The article acknowledges the pressure and emotional rollercoaster that can come with wedding planning, offering practical advice and emotional support to brides facing a common dilemma.

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