Hawaii Commits to Sweeping Climate Action Plan After Landmark Youth Lawsuit

Hawaii has agreed to a comprehensive climate action plan after losing a lawsuit brought by thirteen children and teens who argued that the state’s inaction on climate change violated their constitutional rights. The settlement, a landmark victory for youth climate advocates, requires Hawaii to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045, prioritizing transportation sector transformation and investing in renewable energy.

D&E Journey Earns Inaugural Green Globe Certification for Sustainable Rainforest Conservation in China

D&E Journey, a community-based initiative in Xishuangbanna, China, has received the inaugural Green Globe certification for its efforts in rainforest conservation, cultural protection, and community empowerment. Their project, ‘Returning rubber trees to rainforest and rainforest reforestation,’ encourages locals to replace rubber trees with native species, fostering sustainable tourism and economic opportunities for villagers.

Music and Horses: A Healing Duo at Moorpark Nonprofit

A Moorpark nonprofit, Because We Can – Because We Care, combines music and horses to create a unique and heartwarming program that helps heal and rehabilitate both animals and people. Their work involves rescuing and rehabilitating horses, then using them to work with special needs children and veterans struggling with PTSD and anxiety.

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