Music and Horses: A Healing Duo at Moorpark Nonprofit

A Moorpark nonprofit, Because We Can – Because We Care, combines music and horses to create a unique and heartwarming program that helps heal and rehabilitate both animals and people. Their work involves rescuing and rehabilitating horses, then using them to work with special needs children and veterans struggling with PTSD and anxiety.

Sikkim Landslide: Over 1,200 Tourists Stranded

Over 1,200 tourists are stranded in Sikkim’s Mangan district due to disrupted road and communication networks caused by landslides. If weather permits on Sunday, evacuation efforts will commence. The state has experienced two natural calamities in recent days, including a landslide in Namchi district that claimed three lives and one in Mangan district that killed six.

Father’s Day 2024: Celebrating the Importance of Fathers and Father Figures

Father’s Day 2024 is a special day dedicated to honoring and recognizing the contributions and importance of fathers and father figures. It holds significant meaning in various aspects, such as celebrating fatherhood, expressing gratitude, strengthening family bonds, recognizing father figures beyond biological fathers, being a cultural celebration, and prompting social reflection on broader issues related to fatherhood.

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