Cordless Vacuum Deals Under $100: PrettyCare W200 for Only $80 at Walmart

For those seeking an affordable cordless vacuum, Walmart offers the PrettyCare W200 at an exceptional price of $80, a significant discount from its original $300. With a suction power of 20,000Pa and a versatile range of attachments, including a rotatable floor brush and motorized brush with LED light, the PrettyCare W200 streamlines home cleaning. Its ergonomic design, weighing only 3.3 pounds, ensures effortless maneuverability. Additionally, the 1.2-liter dust cup features a convenient one-click emptying mechanism, maintaining hygiene. Walmart’s offer provides an excellent opportunity to acquire a high-quality cordless vacuum at a budget-friendly price, but act quickly as quantities may be limited.

Remove Stubborn Toilet Seat Stains for Good in 8 Minutes with an Unexpected Item

If you’re struggling to remove stubborn yellow stains from your toilet seat, cleaning expert Jennifer Kropf has an unexpected solution: WD-40. Simply spray a few spritzes on the stains, let it sit for 8-10 minutes, and scrub away. The stains should surrender without much of a fight. WD-40 leaves behind a protective layer that makes it difficult for new stains to stick, so your toilet seat will stay clean for longer.

Restore Softness to Towels with This Kitchen Staple

Are your towels stiff and scratchy despite regular washing? The culprit might be detergent residue. Luckily, you can easily restore their fluffiness with a simple solution using baking soda or a borax substitute. Simply soak the towels in a hot water solution of baking soda and borax for a few hours, then wash as usual. This process will remove detergent residue and leave your towels feeling soft and fluffy again.

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