1More Z30 Sleeping Earbuds: A Great Option for Light Sleepers

1More Z30 Sleeping Earbuds: A Comprehensive Review

The 1More Z30 Sleeping Earbuds are specifically designed to aid in sleep by providing users with a comfortable and noise-isolating listening experience. These earbuds are small, weighing only 2.7 grams each, and are designed to sit flush with the ear, making them ideal for side sleepers.

Comfort and Design

The Z30 Sleeping Earbuds are designed for comfort and unobtrusiveness. They are made of plastic and come in a simple flip-top plastic case. The earbuds have a loose fit in the ear, which may be a drawback for those seeking complete noise elimination. However, this loose fit also prevents the buildup of sweat and allows for breathability overnight.

Sound Quality

The Z30 earbuds connect to your phone via Bluetooth, allowing you to play audio stored on your phone or utilize the ambient sounds provided by 1More. The sound quality is acceptable for the intended purpose of helping users fall asleep. However, the bass is muddy, the soundstage is tight, and the mids are underwhelming. These earbuds are not meant for critical listening or extended use outside of sleep.

App Functionality

The 1More app, unfortunately, has limited functionality. It lacks music playback controls and a timer, which can be inconvenient. Additionally, the app’s so-called soothing sounds are not particularly relaxing and have an artificial tone. For optimal use, it is recommended to use the iPhone’s built-in timer and supply your own audio content.

Battery Life and Charging

The Z30 earbuds have a decent battery life, lasting for about six hours with continuous streaming over Bluetooth and up to 24 hours with the charging case. The case is compact and charges via USB-C but does not support wireless charging.

Price and Availability

The 1More Z30 Sleeping Earbuds have an MSRP of $90 but can often be found for a lower price. They are available from a variety of retailers.


The 1More Z30 Sleeping Earbuds are a good option for light sleepers who want a comfortable and affordable way to listen to audio while they fall asleep. They are small, lightweight, and have a long battery life. However, they do not offer complete noise cancellation, and the app’s functionality is limited. Overall, the 1More Z30 Sleeping Earbuds are a good value for the price.

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