Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s Resort Collection: A Play of Contrasts

Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s resort collection for his eponymous label is a masterclass in the art of dichotomy. The Italian designer has always been drawn to contrasts, juxtaposing the bourgeois against the rebellious, the proper against the louche, and the bon ton with the slightly trashy. This penchant for contradiction is rooted in his Neapolitan upbringing, where the city’s energy is a whirlwind of dramatic polarities.

Dell’Acqua’s latest collection translates this dichotomy into a sartorial symphony. He effortlessly blends the rarified spirit of couture with the casual, quotidian style that dominates contemporary fashion. The result is a covetable collection of easy-to-wear pieces that seamlessly merge the two worlds.

Thick handcrafted cotton cardigans, a signature of Dell’Acqua’s, are paired with silk duchesse miniskirts, shaped like boulles, creating a striking contrast between the casual and the refined. Similarly, black minidresses are adorned with oversized knotted bows at the front, a playful nod to couture embellishments.

Introducing a further discordant twist, white cotton tops, shaped like the elasticated hemline of masculine boxers, peek out from ultra-short dresses in smooth, sensuous faille. Masculine shirts in precious silk duchesse clash with slouchy, oversized cargo shorts in crisp poplin.

According to Dell’Acqua, the collection is a reflection of the current fashion landscape, where there is a growing appetite for experimentation and a willingness to embrace imperfections. “Fashion today is about finding a balance between opposite directions,” he said. “There’s a free space of experimentation, where imperfections can coexist with the beautiful. That’s what I like—being free of making mistakes.”

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