Athens: The Greek Riviera Experience

The word ‘Riviera’ conjures up images of azure blue seas, white sand beaches, glamorous film stars, and elegant dining establishments. While the French Riviera, with its iconic Cannes Film Festival and luxurious resorts, is well-known, Athens offers a unique and equally captivating Riviera experience. The shoreline of Greece’s capital has long been referred to as the ‘Athens Riviera’ – and for good reason.

From iconic movie sets to charming cafes, Athens has its own cinematic charm. Mnisikleous Street, a favorite among filmmakers, boasts a steep set of steps lined with tavernas and restaurants, perfect for a relaxing afternoon with a cold Mythos beer and delicious Greek mezes.

Luxury accommodation is abundant in Athens, rivalling the opulence of the French Riviera. Xenodocheio Milos, a neoclassical-design boutique hotel in the heart of Athens, offers luxurious 5-star accommodation with stunning rooms and impeccable service. Each room features handpicked personalized amenities, spacious open-plan dining and sleeping areas, and oversized marble bathrooms. The king-size beds are a highlight, incredibly comfortable and designed for a restful sleep.

Dining in Athens is a divine experience, rivaling the culinary delights of the French Riviera. Dopios, a modern Greek Mezze restaurant, offers an array of small sharing plates, each bursting with flavor. Estiatorio Milos, the hotel’s own restaurant, boasts a unique tasting menu that showcases the freshest seafood and local ingredients.

Athens also boasts a vibrant nightlife scene. Ermou 18 ‘Beyond the Horizon’, a rooftop bar with stunning views of the Acropolis, offers a delectable selection of cocktails inspired by Greek gods.

Shopping in Athens combines modern brands with traditional twists. Monastiraki, one of Athens’ oldest neighborhoods, offers a blend of old and new architecture, with modern brands nestled alongside independent gift shops and local vendors.

Beyond the bustling city life, Athens offers a rich cultural experience. The Acropolis, a UNESCO World Heritage site with over 2,500 years of history, stands proudly above the city, offering breathtaking views of the Athenian Riviera coast. Guided tours of the Acropolis offer a deeper understanding of its history, architecture, and the legends that surround this iconic landmark.

While Athens isn’t typically known for its beaches, the Athenian coastline is a hidden gem. Voula beach, a southern suburb of Athens, boasts golden sands and crystal clear waters. Spend a morning relaxing on the beach, enjoying delicious brunch dishes at the DOT Beach Vibes restaurant, and soaking up the Mediterranean sun.

From its vibrant nightlife and luxury hotels to its ancient history and stunning beaches, Athens offers a unique and unforgettable Riviera experience. Discover the beauty and charm of the Greek Riviera, a hidden gem waiting to be explored.

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