BJP Dominates Chhattisgarh in Lok Sabha Elections, Wins 10 of 11 Seats

Chhattisgarh has consistently witnessed bipolar contests between the Congress and the BJP, with the recent Lok Sabha election further cementing the BJP’s position. The BJP’s triumph in 10 out of 11 seats, with only one seat going to the Congress, reflects the party’s growing strength in the state.

The BJP’s vote share has steadily increased since the 2023 assembly elections, rising from 47% to nearly 53%. Conversely, the Congress’s vote share has remained relatively stagnant at around 42%. This disparity in vote share has widened the gap between the two parties.

An intriguing trend emerged in the voting patterns, with non-Congress/non-BJP candidates primarily receiving support from male voters, resulting in a slight fragmentation of the male vote base. Women voters, however, were more evenly divided between the Congress and the BJP, highlighting their significance for both parties.

The BJP’s strategic move of introducing the Mahatari Vandan Yojana, a women-centric scheme, prior to the elections may have contributed to its success in securing women’s votes. The scheme provides a monthly payment of ₹1,000 to women’s bank accounts.

The BJP also garnered stronger support among urban voters (over 55%) and younger voters. Notably, robust support from three major social groups – upper castes (74%), OBCs (56%), and Dalits (59%) – played a crucial role in the BJP’s victory. In contrast, the Congress received more support among Adivasis (59%), but this was not sufficient to secure victories across constituencies.

Despite the Congress’s incumbency at the state level, Chhattisgarh has consistently favored the BJP, a trend that continued in the recent Lok Sabha elections.

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