Bounty Star: The Mecha Game with a Wild West Twist

Annapurna Interactive, known for its indie gems, is venturing into the realm of mecha games with the upcoming Bounty Star. Unlike its predecessors, Bounty Star embraces a distinct wild west aesthetic that sets it apart from the genre’s typical sci-fi landscapes. Players embody Clem, a bounty hunter navigating the deserts of the American southwest, where they manage their base, nurture their giant mech, and embark on bite-sized missions to track down targets. While combat mechanics may seem simplistic during early gameplay, the promise of more diverse gear and upgrades in the full release raises hopes for greater depth. Bounty Star’s refreshing tone, which juxtaposes giant robots with a western backdrop, provides a welcome departure from traditional mecha narratives. This unique approach has the potential to breathe new life into the genre. Scheduled for release in 2024 on multiple platforms, including Xbox Game Pass, Bounty Star is a title to watch out for, offering a blend of familiar mecha action and an unconventional setting that promises a captivating experience.

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