Canada Condemns Khalistani Extremist ‘Promotion of Violence’

Canada has unequivocally condemned the promotion of violence by Khalistani extremists within its borders. High Commissioner Cameron MacKay asserted that such actions are unacceptable in the country. The condemnation follows India’s formal protests over floats portraying the assassination of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and inflammatory posters.

India has repeatedly expressed concern over the lack of action against Khalistani extremism in Canada. The display of effigies, posters of Indira Gandhi’s assassination, and provocative statements raises alarms for Indian nationals living in the country. Last month, similar incidents occurred during a parade attended by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, prompting India to issue a strong condemnation.

Despite Canada’s commitment to combating violence, incidents of Khalistani extremism have been on the rise. Anti-India slogans, threatening posters, and vandalism of Hindu temples have been reported. The Canadian government is under pressure to address these incidents and prevent further escalation.

The ongoing tensions between India and Canada stem from allegations of Indian involvement in the shooting death of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. India has accused Canada of providing a safe haven for extremists. Canadian Member of Parliament Chandra Arya has also expressed concern over the resurgence of Khalistani supporters and their attempts to instill fear in Hindu-Canadians.

As the situation continues to unfold, Canada faces the challenge of balancing its commitment to freedom of speech with the need to prevent violence and maintain public safety. The condemnation issued by High Commissioner MacKay is a clear indication that the government will not tolerate the promotion of extremism within its borders.

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