Celebrating 40 Years of Weather Forecasting with ABC7’s Dallas Raines

In 1984, as Los Angeles basked in the excitement of the Summer Olympics, a new star was emerging at KABC. Dallas Raines, a meteorologist with a thick head of hair and a gold-medal tan, arrived from CNN, bringing with him a perfect name for the weather expert he was destined to become. Now, as ABC7 celebrates Raines’ 40 years of forecasting Southern California weather, his colleagues and fans alike have come together to honor his remarkable career.

Over the years, Raines has developed a series of trademark gestures and motions that have become synonymous with his weather reports. There’s the four-knuckle forecast, the whirl, the swing, and of course, the crouch. These signature moves have not only entertained viewers but have also helped to make Raines one of the most recognizable meteorologists in the country.

Raines’ dedication to providing accurate and timely weather forecasts has earned him the respect of his colleagues and the trust of viewers. From major storms to subtle changes in the weather patterns, Raines has covered it all with his trademark enthusiasm. His ability to connect with viewers on a personal level has made him a household name in Southern California.

As part of his 40th anniversary celebration, the Walt Disney Co., which owns ABC7, honored Raines with an anniversary statue. In a touching gesture, Disney CEO Bob Iger congratulated Raines on his milestone and thanked him for his contributions to KABC, Eyewitness News, and the city of Los Angeles.

Dallas Raines’ 40 years with ABC7 have been marked by his passion for weather forecasting, his dedication to the community, and his infectious enthusiasm. He has been a trusted source of information for Southern Californians for decades, and his legacy will continue to inspire future generations of meteorologists.

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